Monday, June 25, 2012

Perler Bead Fun!

It's time to fess up to what I've been up to for the last week... a friend introduced me to, and on their site I rediscovered... perler beads! Perler beads are little plastic beads that you put on a pegboard in cool designs and then iron to melt the beads together. I used to have them as a child and make all manner of useless coaster-like objects. They were pretty fun back then, but geekcrafts made me reconsider their entire purpose in life. Turns out they are absolutely perfect for recreating 8-bit sprites from old video games!

You can probably see where this is going... what with Nathan's retro game collection and  my crafty tendencies (and an affinity for projects that you can finish in an evening), perler beads became our new obsession. All my remaining gift card from Christmas was devoted to buying beads. (Yes, I still had Christmas bonus money. It's amazing how long you can make an American Express gift card last.) Best of all, we both enjoy making perler creations, so it's good bonding too! Within the last week we've worked on new creations every night, and we have an ever growing list of things we want to make from our favorite retro games.

The question then became, of course, what we would do with all of them. But that was easily solved: a bit of sticky tack on the back, and voila, wall decorations for the whole house!

Feature 1: Dr. Mario and accompanying viruses around the door to the closet under the stairs 

Feature 2: Final Fantasy I, showcasing Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage, and Thief against Garland on the wall between the writing room and bedroom

But where are Black Mage and Fighter? Wonder no more...

Feature 3: Black Mage and Fighter talking to Sarda above the mirror by the writing room (inspired by 8-Bit Theater)

I'll be featuring other sets as we finish them, so stay tuned for more awesomeness! 


  1. I'm going to say these look way more awesome in person. Also that Dr Mario is huge; he's like six to seven inches high!

  2. I'm going to have to do this at some point. I don't think I'll be able to stop myself...

    Where'd you get your beads? All the beads I've ever had come in a massive bin of not-enough-color-variety-and-way-too-much-sparkly-pink-and-glow-in-the-dark-orange-for-some-reason. It looks like you've got a pretty good color variety, and in quantities large enough to actually do something with.

    1. Joann Fabrics has the best selection around here, although Michael's has some as well. We primarily got individual colors in 1000 count bags, which isn't as cost effective as getting the mixed buckets ($3 for 1,000 vs $12 for 11,000), but is much easier. (We got some buckets too; it took a LONG time to sort them.) Amazon has individual bags for too much (closer to $4 each) and buckets for an average price. But the bulk of our beads (which will arrive tomorrow) we got straight from the official perler bead website, Their prices are the best for individual colors (as cheap as $2 for 1,000) but their shipping is REALLY SLOW (a week and a half).

      Even if you get the mixed buckets, you will probably have to buy at least black as an individual color because you use a lot of it making 8 bit sprites.

  3. You're making me rethink the whole "thou shalt not covet" idea.

  4. I want to see the dragon from Mega Man II...

  5. Party is in non-optimum defense formation. Thief should be 2d.