Friday, June 29, 2012

Ten Things to Smile About

June has flown by... and guess what time it is again!

1. Having a piano. We don't play it every day, but it's so nice to have it there when I need to de-stress or when Nathan gets the urge to play.

2. Going to my family reunion! It was so awesome to see so much of my family and reconnect with them.

3. Learning how to do silk painting and creating an awesome wall hanging with Nathan.

4. Doing a little better at making dinner more often. And not always chicken, either! I made tacos, hamburgers, pizza, pork roast with twice baked potatoes, white chili, and hawaiian haystacks, which all together fed us for nearly half the month (maybe more!), and we were out of town for a week. Not bad at all (for me).

5. Discovering perler beads and the endless possibilities for crafts! And consequently, lots of quality time with my husband. :)

6. Spending time with friends and staying up far too late playing (and sorting beads... lots and lots of beads).

7. Finding a new sound system for a really killer deal - $60 when it was originally over $200

8. Cutting my hair super short

9. It finally being warm enough in our basement apartment to sleep with only one blanket on the bed instead of 2 or 3

10. Having the highest average score on my team at work for the surveys we get back from customers rating our service (even though it doesn't really do anything except make me feel accomplished...)


  1. Hi Beck,
    You have the highest average score on being a super wife, aunt and daughter in our book! We are very proud of you and your most excellent care you take of our son. Look forward to seeing you soon,
    Love Dadog

  2. Cute picture of both of you!

  3. Great list! I do love your hair by the way- looks so good. And that silk art is so beautiful!! Love it! And congrats on the best score at work, that is awesome, seems like there should be some sort of prize with it. :)
    Thank you so much for linking up