Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Perler Beads: Miscellaneous Ducks

The latest batch of perlers we've done has been rather eclectic, but a bunch of them are ducks from various NES games, so we'll call that the predominant theme...

Clockwise: Alucard (from Castlevania), Toad (from Wario's Woods), some guys from Kid Icarus, Duck Hunt ducks, Scrooge McDuck, and Darkwing Duck.
I took Toad to work to encourage me when I accomplish something cool. Now he's stuck to my cubicle wall next to the Minish Cap cats.

Nathan also made some other random sprites for his cubicle at work.

Nyan cat and singing Kirby.
So... I guess ducks weren't that predominant after all... but that's okay. I vote we make a collection of sprites from the Disney line-up on the NES next.

Also: stay tuned for Halloween pictures. I've been slacking off at posting them, but I'm hoping to do a few tutorials on making the costumes as well in case anyone is interested... and also for my own (future) reference.


  1. Yes, I would love a costume tutorial! Someday I hope to have reason to dress as Lucca too. Also, were you able to wear your costumes somewhere cool (hopefully somewhere where people actually got what you dressed up as?)

    1. We wore them to work, where about 4 people recognized who we were. But we did get to participate in the costume contest, even though we didn't win, so that was fun. We also wore them to a Halloween party that night.