Sunday, October 14, 2012

Perler Beads: Wario's Woods

One of my favorite SNES games is Wario's Woods, which makes sense given that it's the sort of game you could theoretically play for 10 minutes and be done (though that always turned into hours for me). I remember one Christmas break watching my sister-in-law play it religiously as a coping strategy for morning sickness, so it has that benefit too on top of all the usual hand-eye coordination business. It has the misfortune of having a really dumb AI for story mode, but makes up for it with an excellent endless mode, and two player is pretty fun if I could ever convince Nathan to let me crush him... but alas, he normally opts for other pastimes instead, so I haven't played it much lately. Still, I couldn't resist recreating the game in perlers...

Wario's Woods: can you see the best moves to eliminate the maximum number of enemies?

Of course they had to go next to the Mario stuff. It's technically a spin-off game.
The best part about these guys is I can keep adding more if I feel like it - like a slow-motion Wario's Woods game!

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