Sunday, March 10, 2013

Perler Beads: Sonic, ToeJam & Earl, and Boo

First up: Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes, although we do tend to favor the SNES in our sprite-making, the Genesis had some great contributions to 16 bit art.

Sonic! Tails! Knuckles!

And to go along with that, another Genesis classic, ToeJam & Earl:

ToeJam on the left, Earl on the right.

And last but not least, we just had to make these Boo sprites with our glow in the dark beads. (I know, I know, not Genesis. Deal with it.) Even the pink beads glow (but they're only available if you buy the glow in the dark mix, which comes with green, pink, orange, blue, and regular black). For the record, the glow in the dark stuff makes the beads smell awful when you iron them.

Super Mario World  glow in the dark Boo sprites

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