Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Perler Beads: Zelda items and Ganon

Look what I've been doing for the last week!

Zelda: Link to the Past items 
I must admit I got a little obsessed and had to do as many as possible. But aren't those bottles AWESOME?And there are so many cool things we thought of to do with the keys...

Zelda: Link to the Past items (arrows, rupees, bombs)
Fun fact: these are actually the sprites you see in the world, not the menu screen. The menu sprites are significantly simplified and not as cool looking. So for example, the bug net (pictured below) is the bug net you see when Link finds it in the game and holds it above his head.

Zelda: Link to the Past items
I really like the flippers. And the net. And the ocarina....

Zelda: Link to the Past Ganon
As an added bonus, I decided to make Ganon. I felt my Zelda sprite collection was severely lacking in bosses. Maybe I'll make one of those worm bosses too... after I do the fat fairy!

The Legend Zelda items
Nathan made some Zelda 1 items too. I like making items; they're fast and relatively straightforward.

What are your favorites pictured above? 

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  1. Peeler beads, huh? :)

    I like the bottles. And the bow and arrows. And the rupees. And the lantern . . . okay, I really like way too many.