Saturday, April 13, 2013

Perler Beads: more Final Fantasy goodness

We've been busy making some pretty cool stuff. And by we I mean Nathan. He made all of these (occasionally asking my input on color choice), and then I ironed them. And let me tell you, ironing Terra was definitely not my favorite thing to do... the beads shrink when you iron them, and then when they cool they curl - so if you iron something really big, and don't iron it thoroughly as you go, then you get curling that knocks over unmelted beads and causes major headache. I am not the most patient person when it comes to ironing, so even my best efforts led to two spots that required reconstructive surgery.

Terra and Kefka (I think Terra's going to win) plus the Final Fantasy III/VI game cart and little Terra for scale. As you can see, big Terra took up 13 trays. 

Nathan holding Terra. Terra is based on a fan sprite created by AbyssWolf.

Terra compared to the Metroid, our previous record holder for largest sprite (also a pain to iron)

Sephiroth & Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) and Vivi (Final Fantasy IX). Again, AbyssWolf is the creator of these fan sprites. (view more of his sprites here)

After Terra, Sephiroth and Cloud seemed downright modest. But they're each pretty good sized too - I'd estimate at least a foot tall each.

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  1. Terra is so cool! I love how she turned out.

    You should do self portraits, perler style ;)