Thursday, July 5, 2012

Perler Beads: Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger: undoubtedly one of the best SNES games released. Nathan gets all the credit for today's showcase... he made every single one of them in two days without any help from me (except the ironing. I always get to iron them. I'm just that lucky). What's more, seeing them got one of our writing friends intrigued in the game, so we made him watch a little of it and now he wants to play it. (Or so he claims.) Since Chrono Trigger rivals Final Fantasy VI for most awesome RPG on the SNES, this is a good thing.

Anyway, on to the picture. This set resides on the same wall as Megaman but higher up. (It was that, or fill the space with Megaman bosses from all the other games. I wasn't particularly keen on the idea of having Sheep Man on our wall though.)

Starting at the bottom and going clockwise: Frog, Marle, Ayla, Lucca, Chrono, Magus, Robo; center is Ozzie, and of course the cat is off to the right. If you've played the game, you know why the cat is there...
This set turned out particularly good; most of the colors used in the original sprites had close counterparts to the bead color options, which always makes for easier and better shading.

I'm hoping to make an online photo album that shows a close up of each sprite individually that we've made so far and list which colors we used to make it; that way it's easier to replicate them. But that's going to be a massive project in its own right, so it might not be done for a while...

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