Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Perler Beads: Mario

I know you've been waiting a long time for this... I hoped to get it up Monday (but not everything was done yet), intended to post it last night (but we didn't finish putting it all up until 11pm), and am finally doing it now (hooray for holidays and no work!). :) I guess that's what happens when you keep thinking of more cool stuff to add to a themed wall. And there are a lot of cool things I didn't even get to with the Mario wall.

So without further ado:

Super Mario 1: cheep cheep, little Mario, goomba, question block w/regular blocks, koopa paratroopa, Lakitu, spiny

Super Mario 2: shy guy, Princess holding a turnip, tweeter, phanto, key, Birdo (this collection turned out really eclectic for some reason...)

Super Mario 3: angry sun, piranha plant shooting fireball (aka Venus fire trap), Mario in a boot (aka Kuribo's shoe), question block, paragoomba (and yes, I know it's not technically possible to have the boot on the same level as the angry sun)

Super Mario World: P block, boo, caped Mario, fire flower, question block, coin, wiggler

Super Mario World: Yoshi montage: egg, baby Yoshi, grown up Yoshi, and a bonus red shell

To give some perspective: Yoshi montage resides next to Dr. Mario and viruses

zoomed out shot of the Mario wall

A view of the entire Mario wall
The silk painting hangs on the other side of this lip, for those of you trying to visualize our apartment decorations as a whole.

Also, we're thinking of adding some Yoshi's Island sprites to the end since there's still a little room, so there may be an update in the future with that.

What are some of your favorites that we left out? I'm kind of mourning the lack of a bob-omb myself...


  1. I second the bob-ombs. I think you also need to make a Perler Link. I'm happy to see you still have steampunk decorations up too!