Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Perler Beads: Super Mario Kart

It's been a bit of a hectic week, including (among other things) a surprise dead starter in our car (which chose not the worst time to go out, so we have that to be grateful for). HOWEVER! I needed some cheering up yesterday and decided to make some sprites from my favorite racing game, Super Mario Kart. And then I had to finish the full set, because let's be honest - you can't just have one! You gotta catch 'em all... oh wait, wrong game.

Toad and Bowser

Mario and Yoshi 

Koopa and Luigi

With Princess leading the way...

No wait! Donkey Kong snuck past for a surprise win!

And here's the whole Super Mario Kart gang! 
What's your favorite iteration of Mario Kart? And who is your favorite character to race? Toad and Koopa were always highly sought after in our house growing up... and Mario and Luigi were the most reviled. (At least according to my memory.)

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  1. Like.

    I was definitely always Toad or Koopa.