Monday, September 3, 2012

Perler Beads: Secret of Mana

Just as a quick heads up if any of you are looking for good deals on Perler beads, this site is having a sale through the end of today for 30% off an order of $60 or more and free shipping (best deal I've seen yet - usually it's 20-25% off), using the code LASTDAYS. So get on that if you're buying them anyway. It drops a 1000 count bag of beads to $1.40.

And now, on to the good stuff!

This post is for my friend Amy, who loves Secret of Mana more than anyone else I know. So in her honor, I finally got around to making all the sprites I could find from that game. I had a surprisingly hard time finding sprite sheets, even though it's such a classic for the SNES, hence the lack of interesting poses, but I'm still pleased with how they turned out.

Secret of Mana: The healer girl 

Secret of Mana: the hero

Secret of Mana: the sprite (I agonized over what colors to use for his hair for AGES, and let me tell you it looks much better now than it did the first time I finished him.)

Secret of Mana: Mushboom enemy

Secret of Mana: Rabite enemy

aaaand the whole Secret of Mana gang! 
My husband reviewed this game here if you're interested. I found it really frustrating to play, but I do really like the sprites, so maybe I'll give it another shot sometime... co-op of course. :P


  1. Okay, I agree with the somewhat frustrating to play, but I still LOVE the game. :) And I love the sprites! That rabite is pretty cute.

  2. Awesome job! My kids love those beads