Sunday, December 9, 2012

Perler Beads: Christmas Ornaments

Rather than put up our usual eclectic assortment of Christmas ornaments this year, we decided to go for something a little more... themed. In all actuality, after last Christmas, I fully planned on making Mario plushes to cover our entire tree with crocheted goodness, but... you know... that's a lot of hours. A lot. And then... there's perlers. 20 minutes and you have a finished sprite.

It doesn't take a lot to connect the dots here.

Here's the final assortment gracing our tree from two angles. It includes a Bubble Bobble guy with a Santa hat, Mario carrying a gift, skiing Yoshi (from Yoshi's Island), Ice Man (from Mega Man 2), ice climbers (from Ice Climbers, oddly enough), Link with a candy cane, Chilly (from Kirby Super Star), Mario in a boot/stocking, and of course a Mario 3 star on top.

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