Saturday, December 15, 2012

Year in Review - April-June


- I made Psyduck while listening to General Conference

Psyduck the Pokemon 

- I got a surprise Easter package from my in-laws, and then made chocolate covered Oreos with the supplies it contained

Easter package

Chocolate covered Oreos

- I finished my steampunk goggles!

3 sets of steampunk goggles: one for me, one for Nathan, and one for my friend Amy.

- I also made a corset belt and a vest with no patterns, only my sister-in-law's help

You can see the corset, goggles, and vest in action

- My brother-in-law took some amazing steampunk photos of Nathan and I and my friend Amy

- We tried Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time

- I made little monsters and earrings for a fundraiser my sister-in-law (different one) held to raise money for Autism Speaks

- Nathan wrote a book in 2 weeks, just to prove he could

Busy, busy month, in retrospect...


- Our retro game collection started expanding at a much faster rate

Now we have THREE shelves instead of one. 

- I got free tickets to a Clay Walker concert

- We drove to California for my brother-in-law's farewell

- While we were there, we watched the solar eclipse

- Nathan took the GRE

- We held a retro gaming tournament to celebrate the GRE being over and the fact that we had a lot of retro fighting games...

Some of the prizes for the tournament

- I made strawberry freezer jam (just like I do every year)

- I tried these awesome granola bars for the first time

That's it. I'm making more tomorrow.


- We got our new piano!

- We went to my family reunion

- While at the family reunion, we tried silk painting

The finished product

- We discovered perler beads... and I pretty much just went crazy with those the rest of the month.

One of my first perler projects, Dr. Mario


- I read 14 books according to Goodreads, falling short of my 25 per quarter goal... but I stayed busy doing other good stuff, so I'm okay with that.


  1. Holy cow, I'm not sure if Busy even describes what you've been! This sounds like you've compounded a lot into a short 3 months! Those photos (anyway the one in this post) you guys had were awesome! The chocolate covered oreo's - can i have one please?

  2. Two weeks for a book- how crazy is that. Love the little monsters you made. The silk art is awesome. That photo shoot you did was so much fun! Those Easter candies are cute! Glad you got a piano.

    Great recap