Thursday, December 13, 2012

Year in Review - January-March


I started blogging more consistently, making a goal to post every day. (And I did it for a long time, too! I made it through mid-May before I started skipping days...)

I began teaching 5-6 yr olds at church with Nathan, which has been a lot of fun this year.

Nathan finished his 8th book.

I joined Twitter. (My handle is @WombatWife, but I don't post on there a whole lot... mostly just lurk.)

Nathan began the Nathan vs. Video Games blog.


I threw a steampunk birthday party for my friend Amy.

Decorations for party
To prepare for said party, we took apart clocks to cannibalize them for gears. I highly recommend this activity even if you don't care about the gears. It's great fun.

My brother-in-law got his mission call to Ukraine.

I got a raise at work.

I bought (and started using) a WaterPik in the hopes that it would keep away the cavities. We'll just pretend that my teeth would have been even worse without it... which is a scary thought, indeed.

We got free tickets to a monster truck event.


My newest niece was born.

I made her tiny Converses, which I had been wanting to do for a while anyway and now finally had a good excuse to sit down and do it.

I began making steampunk goggles with Amy.

As part of making steampunk goggles, I scoured DI for things that I could dismantle for parts. (The things I found came in handy later in the year when I made our Halloween costumes, too...)

I held my first giveaway on this blog! (And only giveaway, thus far. I hope that changes soon.)

We put an awesome Zelda decal on our car.


I tried lots of new recipes, with generally favorable results.

I read 22 books from Jan-Mar (according to my records on Goodreads), almost on track for reading 100 this year (that would be 25 per quarter, so I was three off). If you want to know what they were, look at my Goodreads 2012 shelf.

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  1. Those converse are so stickin cute!! Love them. I think I am going to buy a clock at the thrift store for Lucas now, he would love love taking it apart. I wish I had time to read that many books- but I really get lost in books when I read so I can't do it too often :)

    So glad you are recapping with us!!