Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Perler Beads: Holiday Wreath

All right, how many of you have seen ThinkGeek? Am I the only one who wastes hours on that site drooling over stuff that you never even knew you needed but is SO AWESOME that it's now on your Christmas list?

Anyway, we saw this wreath over there last week, and within minutes we were inspired to recreate it in... what else? Perler beads!

Aside from being a beast to iron, I am pleased to say this project was a complete success. We did modify the slime to be more true to the actual sprite, and modified the coins since we didn't rig ours up with LEDs (as awesome as that would have been, it seemed to be a little more ambitious than I was willing to take on just yet). 9 trays later and probably about 3-4k in beads, I present the final product:

Perler wreath 

Best of all, it spawned an entire idea for what to do with our Christmas tree... but more on that later. :P

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  1. We bought presents for Jeremy's family this year entirely from ThinkGeek. It was the most fun Christmas shopping we've ever had.

    I am intrigued by the Christmas tree . . .