Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perler Beads: Bubble Bobble (Plus Misc. NES Games)

Way back in the day (aka pre-marriage), Nathan and I used to go on dates to the nickelcade, where I crushed him at Dr. Mario, and he crushed me at everything else. One of the games we played was, of course, Bubble Bobble, which was rather tricky due to the 2nd player joystick always going left. For some reason, that made me not want to play it... My second exposure to Bubble Bobble was (I'm ashamed to admit) the rather sub-par XBLA version, but we recently acquired the original NES cartridge as well. I find the art style rather charming, so of course we had to make some sprites... and what better place to put Bubble Bobble sprites than in the bathroom? (Get it? Where the bubbles are? Totally Nathan's idea.)

So cute! Bubble Bobble guys in the middle, enemies on either end.
The green guy looks even more awesome in person. Kiwi lime with hot coral accents looks really good. 

We also finished a few other miscellaneous sprites from various other NES games... and by we, I mean Nathan, because I was busy doing Zelda stuff. So now we also have Bionic Commando and Blaster Master representing.

Bionic Commando. I especially like how he looks hanging from the light switch.

Blaster Master (haven't figured out where to put him yet... maybe driving along on top of a picture frame?)

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