Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perler Beads: The Legend of Zelda (update)

Looking back at my Zelda showcase 2 months ago, I realized it was a little sparse. So this past weekend, I beefed it up while listening to General Conference. I hereby present the updated and much improved Zelda wall:

Game Boy Zelda games (Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages and Link's Awakening)

Game Boy Zelda and original flavor Zelda

Zelda II and Link to the Past

My personal favorite, Minish Cap (look at the awesome sprite of Link falling... AAAAAHHH)

And the whole panorama! 

I also couldn't resist making a full set of cats from Minish Cap to take to work. I haven't put them up yet, but here's a quick photo of them.

Minish Cap cats! 

There's always a chance I'll get the hankering to make even more Zelda sprites, so if you think of any that you really want to see, let me know in the comments! Also, stay tuned for many more perler sprites this week... this is only a small sampling of what we accomplished over the weekend. :)


  1. Some people see general conference as a huge sacrifice of their time, and some people see it as the perfect excuse to spend hours being other kinds of productive. :)

    Admittedly the only Zelda represented on this wall that I've played is Link to the Past, but I love the sprites. Also I like Link falling even if I haven't played that one.

    And . . . kitties!

  2. Oh wow. XD That is insane! And nerdily cool. I wonder how many boxes you'll need for perler beads when you eventually move. ;)