Saturday, October 13, 2012

Perler Beads: Final Fantasy IV

Oh hey. Remember how we have a whole wall plus some dedicated to Final Fantasy I and VI? Well, we finally got around to doing Final Fantasy IV to round it all out. Of course, there wasn't much room on the wall with VI and I, so we had to spread out a little bit...

The Fat Chocobo is my favorite. Here they all are, before being hung up.
Then we realized we needed an enemy for them to fight...

In progress FFIV enemy

And here they are in battle!

The rest of these guys are lazing around with the Fat Chocobo instead of fighting.

Here's the whole batch over our bedroom door.
The sprites turned out surprisingly good considering how much fudging we had to do with the colors.


  1. helou, wow is amazing, but what software you used for make it?

    1. We just found the original sprite sheets and based the perlers off of them. We didn't use any software. I know some people use the Bead It app (for iPhone), but I usually find it easier to just zoom in on the original sprite and match colors as closely as possible.

  2. How did you hang them on the wall? I've tried a few things but they keep falling.

    1. For these, I think we mostly used sticky tack. New sticky tack is better than reused, and I prefer the white kind over the blue kind. For larger pieces, I use tiny nails.