Monday, January 30, 2012


I committed to bring treats to work tomorrow, thus throwing me into a common dilemma: which of the hundreds of delicious things that exist should I make?

I chose scones. Because... why not? And I had all the ingredients, and they sounded tasty. And I decided to double the recipe while I was at it since that way I could have some for home too.

Please do yourself a favor and do not double this recipe. I've made this mistake before - last time I made this recipe, in fact. It is a royal pain in the rear to work with that much dough, and it always makes a huge mess. It wouldn't be too bad as a single batch, so feel free to try that way - it's delicious, to be sure. Too much mess/work as a double batch though.

Second thing I learned: a 16 oz container of sour cream is not 2 c, even though you'd think it would be. According to the interwebs, it's 1.875 cups. Apparently, that's enough to make a difference, so take note. Though if you don't double the recipe, you probably won't make the assumption that a 16 oz container will do the trick...

Third thing: this dough will be crumbly beyond belief at first. You really do have to knead it for a bit to get it to come together. I didn't believe it would. It definitely does though, almost magically. Just mix in your add ins while you knead it and you'll be fine. (I used craisins and chopped walnuts.)

Fourth thing: don't cut it into 12 pieces. Your scones will be huge (they expand as they cook), and they won't cook in 15 min. I'm going on 30 and they still aren't quite done. I also tried to fit all 12 on one cookie sheet, so that might be part of the issue as well. The other batch I cut into 16 and am baking on 2 cookie sheets, which should work better.

I have to wonder what kind of massive cookie sheets these people have; I have the airbake kind and I feel like they are pretty decent size - about average for the large ones, anyway, and yet there is no way this whole batch of scones will comfortably fit on one sheet.

Anyway, as long as you keep all that in mind, these are delicious. I hear the dough freezes well after you shape it, so I may try that sometime as well. There are lots of fun flavor combinations possible too! Experiment and have fun!

Edit: The half I cut into 16 instead of 12 cooked in about 23 min. Not sure how much of that is altitude and me liking them looking nice and browned, but it's definitely a lot longer than it states in the recipe... *sigh* So much for going to bed early tonight.


  1. Make these again! Make them and bring them over for dessert next sunday! Or, better yet, make them as rewards for people that actually attend writing group in person. Then we can gloat at those foolish skypers.

  2. I may make them again, but speaking of dessert on Sunday, I need to make a practice cake for my friend's birthday party... so I might bring that instead on Sunday. I mean, as long as you're cool with that.