Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cake Stand

I decided today that my cake stand that we got as a wedding gift is a miracle of glassware. I made a cake on Tuesday, then frosted it Wednesday (for the steampunk party, if you recall) and left it in the cake stand ever since. That cake is still moist. It is still delicious. It still tastes fresh. According to the interwebs, cakes should be eaten in like, 4 days for maximum freshness. We're going on 5 now. If I knew I could get away with keeping a cake in that thing for nearly a week as I slowly worked my way through it one bite at a time, I might have started making cakes more often! (I don't actually like cake that much - or rather, I like it, but I don't ever think "man, I sure wish I had a piece of cake right now". So making a whole cake, and then having two people try to eat it all... not so successful.)

Lest you forgot what it looked like.

Anyway, as it is we still have 2-3 pieces of chocolate cake left, so we're going to test this awesome kitchen item to its limits. I feel like I am almost obligated to make cake more now, because I have a cake stand, offset spatula, spinning turntable for decorating, and round cake pans. These have all (with the exception of the cake stand) been obtained in the last 2 months. No piping stuff though. I think I'm okay with that for now. My frosting abilities are pretty severely limited, especially since I don't like using frosting that I think tastes nasty...

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