Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mission Calls, Milkshakes, and Mysteries

Nathan's brother received his mission call today, so we went over to his apartment to watch him open it. He was called to the Donetsk, Ukraine mission (Russian speaking) and leaves June 6! Pretty exciting stuff. His aunt taught school in Ukraine, so he already has an "in" with the people. XD

We recorded a video; if you really want to see it, let me know and I'll email it to you. 

Then we got a quart of ice cream, came home, and made milkshakes. Mmmmm. Here, I'm so generous that I'll even include the recipe! 

Chocolate Milkshakes
- 3 large-ish scoops vanilla ice cream
- some milk
- some chocolate syrup

Blend until well mixed. Add more milk and continue blending until it reaches the desired consistency. If you are feeling super on top of things, freeze/refrigerate the glasses beforehand so that the milkshake melts more slowly.

Makes one large milkshake.

I find milkshakes are best when you use vanilla ice cream for the base and mix in your chosen flavors as you go. Much more versatile. For example, I throw in strawberries when I have some that are fresh. WAY better than strawberry ice cream, IMHO. 

As for the mystery alluded to in the title... well, I started a new secret crochet project. I haven't decided how secret yet, but I'm almost half done so you'll probably find out within a week anyway.

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