Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Glimpse of the Party

Hot air balloons. (This did not work quite as well as I would have hoped.) We tied tulle over the tops and attached little paper mache boxes for the baskets. 

FYE is having a blowout sale. Nathan couldn't resist the massive Angry Bird... (not steampunk, I know. Deal with it.)


More decorations

Aaaand... some more decorations (Amy had lots of fun with her in-laws' Cricut machine)

Food! Cake (with chocolate ganache frosting, chilled and then whipped), lemon cookies, scones, wraps, veggies, chocolate covered cherries, and french fries (not shown - I finished them later)

The birthday girl!

Not shown: we spray painted cheap nerf guns gold and then used the gears we painted a few days ago to decorate the nerf guns. Then we had nerf gun wars. XD There was also a fair amount of Rock Band, Dance Central, and Smash Bros that was played. All in all, a great success.


  1. It was so fun! I am so happy you did this with me. It was WAY more awesome than if it had just been me trying to design/execute. So thanks! Though I am sorry about all those leftover dishes to do . . . :(

    1. Don't worry about it! They won't take very long at all. A few dishes are a small price to pay for having a rockin' party. Have fun visiting Jeremy!