Sunday, March 18, 2012


I joined Pinterest a few weeks ago at the invitation of my cousin. Despite it being insanely popular among my demographic, I'm as of yet still undecided about how I like it.

- Pro: It's very useful at keeping track of things that I want to remember.
- Con (ish): I'm not sure how much more effective it is at doing so compared to bookmarking it in my browser.
- Pro: It shows pictures of the thing you pinned to remind you what it is and maybe help motivate you to make use of it.
- Con: You can't pin something unless it has a picture/video.
- Pro: Lots of people are using it, so you have a lot of source material to find new things of interest without searching the whole internet.
- Con: There's still a lot of stuff to sift through that doesn't necessarily interest me.
- Pro: I can customize my front page to only show boards I am interested in following.
- Con: A lot of pinned stuff is things other people haven't tried yet but want to someday. This means it is untested in my book. I often prefer sites like with lots of reviews I can read.
- Pro: It is sometimes useful in helping to inspire me to try new recipes.
- Con: Sometimes I go look at the Food and Drink board and all I find are banana desserts (gross) or "unbelievably easy" dishes that use refrigerated biscuits or other foods that are equally unlikely to make their way to my pantry).

So far it seems about a 50-50 split. I'll probably use it to some extent, mostly for recipes I think. (You can't have too many places to look for recipes, in my opinion.) I have for crochet ideas, and for book lists, but maybe I'll branch out a bit an use Pinterest for those too later. For now though, I can see the appeal, but it's not drawing me in as much as I expected.

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