Thursday, March 29, 2012

What to do if your car is exceedingly nondescript

When we got married, Nathan had a dark purple Saturn. It wasn't a flashy purple, but it was still distinctive enough to find in a parking lot without too much trouble. Unfortunately, it also had the habit of breaking every 3 months like clockwork, so we sold it last year and bought a Toyota instead. It's a very nice Toyota, not at all prone to expensive car repairs (knock on wood), but it is silver. Just like a billion other cars. So how do you make your car distinctive without it looking stupid? 

Yep. That's right. A Hyrule decal. Geeky, yet still subtle enough to be awesome even if you've never played a Zelda game.

I might crochet something to put in the back window too, but I can't decide what. Suggestions welcome in the comments.


  1. Nice basketball hoop.
    I would suggest crocheting an android with lightsabers for the back window.

  2. I leave a travel brochure for "Pahrump" on my dashboard to make my car unique. Then again, I drive a bright red Pontiac Aztek, so I don't have much trouble singling out my car from 300 yards away.

  3. Ha ha ha, nice.

    My mom always got an antenna topper to find her minivan. Like soccer balls or something, despite the fact that none of us play soccer.

  4. A shotgun rack in the back with a Master Sword in it.

    1. how about some fuzz dice on the rearview or have you ever heard about pin strip tape! WE could go carrazzy. Glad your feeling better, DADOG