Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Do I Do All Day?

About a week ago, one of the bloggers I follow did a blow by blow of her day and invited anyone who wanted to do so as well to give it a shot. So here we have it.

6:20am. First alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

6:35am.  Second alarm goes off. Reluctantly roll out of bed.

6:40-7:30am. Get ready for the day - shower, get dressed, etc.

7:30-7:40am. Make breakfast and lunches; dash out the door.

7:40-8am. Drive to work.

8-9am. Answer emails at work.

9-11:30am. Take phone calls at work and write answers to more emails in between calls. Yay call center jobs.

11:30am-1:20pm. It got crazy busy and I pretty much had no downtime between calls this entire time. I tried not to get annoyed (and mostly succeeded) when my lunch was delayed 20 minutes due to a very long call. It was a good call though, with a very pleasant and reasonable woman, so I didn't mind.

1:20-2:20pm. Ate lunch, read some of Silas Marner, and tried not to fall asleep at my desk. You could say I'm not much of a fan of Silas Marner so far... my overall impression (I'm not even a quarter of the way through it) is that he uses a lot of words to say very little. The parts where we get plot are interesting enough. It's just the pages in between that get a little... tedious. But I am reading it for book club and will reserve final judgement until I finish it.

2:20-3:15pm. More calls. Not so busy now, which is nice. I finish the final touches on four emails that are waiting to go out.

3:15-3:30pm. Break time! I spend it... sending those emails. I hate it when I get interrupted with a call in the middle of sending an email with lots of attachments. I also read a bit more of Silas Marner.

3:30-5pm. More calls, but again it stays pretty slow. But of course I get a call at 4:58pm - I hope it's short, since I was held late yesterday by a very very long call until 5:30 (it started at 4, which may be a new record for me). Whew, it is a short one this time. I still get done right at 5. Freedom!

5-5:20pm. Drive home. Husband and I take turns venting about work on the way home (we work in the same building, different departments) and get it all out of our system by the time we walk in the door.

5:20-5:50pm. Impatiently wait for my frozen pizza to cook for dinner.

5:50-6pm. Down my pizza in the car while we drive to the temple.

6pm-8:30pm. Attend the temple for some spiritual rejuvenation. We went with Nathan's brother, who is leaving on his mission in about 2 months to Ukraine.

8:30-9pm. Stopped to pick up some milk on the way home... and wound up with ice cream too. Perfect, now we have all the ingredients for milkshakes! How convenient!

9-9:15pm. Desperately rearranged the freezer to fit the ice cream in. We decided what to have for dinner tomorrow while I was at it - Chicken Parmesan. (Mostly because I couldn't fit the ice cream and all the chicken in the freezer.)

9:15-10:15pm. Checked my email and got caught up on facebook/twitter/google reader/etc. I didn't find anything particularly noteworthy linked on twitter today, but yesterday I found a few interesting articles on the benefits of reading fiction and unexpected findings from psychological studies.

10:15-10:40pm. Wrote this blog post.

Next up is getting ready for bed and maybe playing some Plants vs. Zombies on the iPod touch. Speaking of which, it's on sale in the Amazon app store for only $.99 (follow the link above), so for all you Android people, jump on that!

And that's my day. Pretty typical overall, though my evenings are more often filled with exciting things like sitting on the couch and thinking about cleaning the kitchen, or playing co-op games with my husband, or reading a good book. I think I'm okay with that for now.


  1. We are the most boring people alive.

  2. I think Nathan's got some competition for the "boring" title. My day wasn't as exciting as yours!

  3. I should do this, but it'll have to be one of those days where I'm more productive than a pound of frozen hamburger, or I'll be ashamed to be a human being.

  4. I was almost starting to feel a little bad about quitting, but then I read this post and I know that I made the right decision :)

  5. I loved reading this! So fun to see what everybody does with their private lives. Thanks for playing :)