Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birthday Festivities Recap

So a few weeks ago Nathan mentioned that he kind of wanted an old CRT TV so that he could play all our retro games on it. Ever being on the alert for ideas for presents, I took mental note of this little fact... and then didn't do anything about it. Yesterday I remembered my intentions and started browsing online to see what kind of TVs worked well for retro gaming and though opinions were diverse, I figured I was onto something when I saw several different people in several different forums recommending a Sony Trinitron CRT. Buying it online was not such a great idea; took too long and they were all at least $50 from what I could see, if not more. So given my limited knowledge of TV hookups and limited time with the car without Nathan, I spoiled the surprise and planned a trip to our local DI to look for one with him. I honestly didn't expect we'd find one right away, but I was prepared to visit the DI half an hour away if necessary.

No need. Lo and behold, the very first TV we saw at DI (and also the cheapest) was a Sony Trinitron!

We borrowed a TV stand and the little table from my brother, who just had them collecting dust in the storage room in the basement, and now we have this sweet little setup in the writing room. It houses our NES, SNES, and N64, as well as all our games and controllers. It also helps our living room look much tidier. :) (We used to have them all out there with the XBox 360 and more... advanced equipment, but it was getting a little crowded.) Another happy coincidence was that the universal remote that my parents got Nathan for his birthday last year works with the TV (we got it in the hopes we could use it with our sound system, but it didn't - so we're glad we can put it to use at last)!

Nathan added the lava lamp and all my stuffed creations to complete the ambiance. All in all, we were both quite pleased with how it turned out, and are quite appreciative of the furniture we were able to borrow. It felt like everything came together far more perfectly than I deserved, given how much I procrastinated.

Now I just have to finish up all my projects for Christmas! We got a few more done last night, but I still have a ways to go.

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  1. As a bonus it had exactly the right number of plugs to play everything, with some higher def component cable ports if we ever decide to plug something slightly more "advanced" in (not gonna happen).

    The downside is that means there is no room left for the inevitable sega genesis. XD