Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Deliciousness

All the Christmas guests have arrived safely! Hooray! I got some last minute shopping done today too, so I feel a little bit more prepared now for all the festivities. Not completely, but getting there.

But the big project for today was making treats for distribution to the neighbors. We got it down pretty well, I think; we had 3 adults and 4 kids helping, and we managed to crank out 3 batches of cookies, 2 batches of fudge, and some chocolate drizzled pretzels. Tomorrow we'll do some candied nuts and maybe one or two more kinds of cookies before we put it all together. I might have to get up a little earlier today to fit everything in... Starting the day at noon does tend to put a damper on how much you can get done.

I guess I already posted recipes for the fudge and pretzels, but for the cookies we made: gingersnaps, peanut blossoms, and Andes mint cookies. (The Andes mint recipe came from off the package of Andes mint chips, and the bag is up two flights of stairs, so... yeah. Not gonna happen tonight. But if you buy some from Walmart, which is the only place I've seen them, you will have the recipe on the bag anyway.)

Tomorrow is candied almonds and either snowball cookies or peppermint meltaways (or both, time permitting, which it probably won't). The snowball cookie recipe is my mom's and she brought dough already made, so that one will probably win. Recipe will come when I manage to get a copy from her, but the basic idea is here.

Then I get to make these for us, because they are too delicious to give away. :) And Nathan's mom gave me the kitchen gadgets to make some sort of fried cookie as well that is apparently quite delicious, so we'll have to try those as well - I mean, I have a deep fat fryer, I might as well use it...

What treats are traditional at your Christmas celebration?

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