Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More secrets. And a movie.

I finally finished up one major project today, and one minor one! And I made significant progress on another one last night. I'm beginning to think I might actually get everything done before Christmas.

We scored free tickets to the new Mission Impossible movie tonight, so I'm being forced to take a break from all this Christmas frenzy. :) That's probably a good thing, thinking about it objectively.


(This represents a movie break.)


So anyway, the movie was good (so ridiculous that it was quite entertaining) and free, which was the most important part, and we found people - my brother and a friend - to use our extra tickets (the second most important part). If you like action movies, you might want to check it out some time. It was definitely worth watching for free, and also will be worth watching in the dollar theater, and maybe in the real theater if you aren't cheap like me (I hate paying full price for movies though). It got good reviews anyway, and Simon Pegg was amusing.

And now I shall leave you with two recipes that I have not yet tried but that I think look delicious. If you happen to get to them before me, tell me whether I am truly missing out as much as I think I am: Hot Pizza Dip Bites and Homemade Hot Chocolate!

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