Monday, December 26, 2011

Crochet Extravaganza!

I made lots of crochet gifts this year... so this post is mostly a picture blitz with links to each pattern.

Fierce little dragon... in honor of Skyrim (it's a PDF download available for free on Ravelry). Made from #10 crochet thread.

A little money purse (adapted from here - I only did a starting row of 14 chain st though, and then made as many rows as it needed to look like the right shape. The flap was also many fewer rows as a result but the basic pattern remained the same.). Made from some kind of soft acrylic yarn.

Mario mushroom collection - made from #10 crochet thread

Hobbes - aka the present that took until 3am Christmas Eve! (The tail will be added on this week... it was not a necessity for the present opening when it came right down to it.) Made from #10 crochet thread.

Yoshi (Man, this pattern takes a LONG time... and has a lot of pieces to put together in the end.)

Yoshi from a different angle. Made from #10 crochet thread.

Elfin booties (for an incoming niece/nephew) - I swear they look the same size in real life. I have no idea what is going on in the picture. Made from a wool/acrylic blend of yarn.

There are a few more that I missed getting pictures of, but I'll post them soon!

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