Monday, December 5, 2011

Gingerbread House

For Christmas, my mother in law decided to do an advent calendar for us... except instead of having a calendar, she gave us numbered gifts - one to open each day from Dec 1-25. Sunday's was a gingerbread house kit! Naturally we had to make it tonight. It was a fun project, especially when we started getting a little creative. Perhaps we got a bit carried away... you decide!

The front. We tried to make it look realistic, but instead it just looks like a pouting face.

Nathan's side, with a reference to Skyrim.

The back, with the Maw! And also our plushie Maw peeking over the roof.

The Maw is not quite sure what to think of this. 

My side, with reference to Plants vs. Zombies and an angry bird.

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