Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am not a huge fan of frosting. I find it overly sweet, and people tend to put on waaaaaay too much for my preferences, so most desserts with frosting get it all scraped off before I'll eat it.


As part of the birthday celebrations this week, Nathan requested cupcakes. I can't refuse a perfectly reasonable request like that. But I didn't want to make frosting. Every time I've made it, I cut the recipe down to 1/8 and it STILL makes way too much. So I was not really in the mood for more of that... and I had this brilliant idea. (Well, I thought it was brilliant anyway.)

Nathan's brother gave him Nutella for his present. Nutella has frosting-like consistency... and, you will be happy to know that it tastes absolutely delicious on chocolate cupcakes! Also it is much easier than making frosting when all your mixing bowls are dirty (which they were), and much more versatile when there's some left over.

On a slightly related note, one of the ladies in my neighborhood says she has a fantastic recipe for a custard-based frosting that is not overly sweet (though it is a bit time consuming). One of these days I will get the recipe from her and try it out, because I think it sounds fabulous!

What's your favorite kind of frosting, or favorite frosting recipe?

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  1. I LOVE really good frosting (like the frosting on The Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes). Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a good recipe either, but I'm seeking one! I would be very interested in the not-too-sweet custard-based recipe if you ever get a hold of it.