Thursday, December 29, 2011

Filing and some other random stuff

Is it strange that I am excited for the weekend so that I can properly organize all my papers in my new filing cabinet? (It's probably pretty strange. I'm okay with that.) I got file folders, hanging file folders, and labels (well, they are actually Nathan's labels that I bought him for Christmas to label his N64 games), and I have a place to put it all ready to go. I just couldn't quite justify spending the evening doing it tonight when it was my parents' last day here... so tomorrow it is!

Other projects that are currently in limbo: cleaning out and organizing the writing room closet, finding a good way to store all my crochet thread (since I got lots for Christmas!) (I'm taking suggestions), taking out the massive pile of trash and recycling, and doing laundry. Oh, and of course playing more Dragon Quest IV... I'm quite popular with the little ones upstairs when the kids manage to finagle a seat by me while I'm playing. I also have a substantial stack of library books to work my way through soon... looks like my weekend's booked already (pun only sort of intended).


  1. You aren't strange. I like filing on New Year's weekend too... and I'll probably post about it as well. Be excited!!!

  2. I eagerly await your post! I hope you were able to get caught up with everything at work the last few days, whether it was filing or other stuff too.