Sunday, December 18, 2011


Remember all those awesome treats I made last week? Well, I finally caught up and finished washing all the dishes that they caused, and my kitchen is clean for the first time in many days!  Rejoicing is in order!

On a sadder note, the last of the eight awesome goblets we got as a wedding gift finally broke. They have one by one been victims of carelessness, accidents, and (in this last instance) the dishwasher. (The most epic goblet breaking adventure occurred when the brother of a friend was over and accidentally knocked our Nintendo DS off of the arm of the couch... and it then fell onto one of the goblets on the floor below, where our friend had left it earlier. The DS even had a tiny shard of glass lodged in the right shoulder button when all was said and done.)

We loved the goblets while they lasted, but apparently in this house glassware has an average life expectancy that is quite short (eight goblets in 3.5 years, in this case). We're not particular with our glass breaking, either; we've broken lots of other glasses too, as well as a Corelle plate (that took some talent), and we've also chipped a few of our stoneware plates and bowls. While the last one isn't so bad, I find breaking things very depressing, especially when I could have prevented it with a little more care. So to all you out there who feel the same way: you are not alone!

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