Saturday, May 12, 2012

Country Concert

Yesterday at work, we got word at about 3pm that several hundred tickets were up for grabs for a charity concert in West Jordan today. Apparently someone in Nu Skin made a hefty donation to the Olive Osmond foundation and got tons of tickets to the show they were putting on, so they handed them out for free to anyone who wanted some. The headlining singer was Clay Walker, a country singer who's moderately famous, and I like country music, so I convinced Nathan to go with me. (I'm going with him to see Nightwish in September in exchange.)

I didn't realize it would be outside, but at least I brought a jacket so I wasn't freezing. I enjoyed singing along to the few songs I knew all the lyrics to, and even the ones I didn't know were still really good. Clay Walker did a great job entertaining everyone in between songs and interacting with the audience (or at least the crush of people by the stage), having them pick which songs he did next and even having one girl come on stage and dance with him for half a song.

I do have two regrets; one, that we could have come an hour later and not missed much, and two, that I forgot earplugs. :P I'm a wuss when it comes to excess noise, but I survived well enough without them. Overall, we had a lot of fun and I'm glad we went.

And now I'll leave you with a link to my favorite Clay Walker song.


  1. I haven't ever been to a concert, but I'll keep the earplugs in mind. I'm not a fan of damaging my hearing.

  2. I'm a super noise-wuss too. The ONE concert I ever went to I went home early because I had a horrid headache from the speakers! Glad you had fun, though.