Thursday, May 17, 2012

HAT Update and a Clean Kitchen

Our prediction was correct: the Happy Action Theater game was a huge hit with the kids upstairs, and hopefully it helped them burn so much energy that they went straight to bed afterwards. (It could happen. Theoretically.) It was especially funny to watch my 2 and a half year old nephew, who didn't quite get what he was supposed to do but was utterly entranced. (Picture four kids jumping around wildly, and in the middle of the storm a toddler staring at the TV, completely mesmerized, and also unfazed by the general chaos around him.) 

In other news, our kitchen is clean again - probably for the first time since I last made that statement on the blog... I still need to sweep the floor but the counters are no longer nasty and the dishes are all done! I'm grateful to Nathan who did the worst of the dishes this morning. It was much more manageable when I tackled it tonight as a result.

In non-cleaning related news, we're in the midst of planning two trips and two parties in the next month, plus Nathan's taking the GRE in a week and a half, so I have a feeling my life is about to get crazy... hopefully work calms down to compensate. :)

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