Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Party Week

This week is, quite simply, a party week. And also a work really hard week. (Even though we took Monday off of work.) Why? Well, we're throwing a retro fighting games tournament party tomorrow, complete with a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings and prizes! But that meant I had to make the prizes before tomorrow. I got them mostly done during the long hours in the car going to and from California, and then I finished them up tonight while listening to some QI. A party also means our house has to be reasonably clean, but luckily I did most of that before we left (because really, nobody wants to come home to a dirty house). Thank goodness because cleaning certainly didn't happen today.

Friday is the ever-so-exciting laundry blitz and Costco run, then Saturday Nathan takes the GRE while I make a year's supply of strawberry jam (I think I may finish before he does, but that depends entirely on how many children will be helping). Then we have party #2 with all of Nathan's cousins, which will probably involve lots of good food (courtesy of my crockpot), Super Smash Bros. Melee, and possibly some Dominion or other card games. Or maybe something else entirely. Dance Central 2? Rock Band 3? Nobody knows... perhaps I'll make those delicious lemon cookies again...

Anyway, I'm tired just thinking about the rest of the week, but at least there's a healthy dose of fun thrown in with all the errands and test taking. And now you have a little preview of what I will probably end up blogging about later... Spoilers! Whoops.

In other news, I'm reading Spellbound (sequel to Hard Magic, by Larry Correia) and enjoying it. Nathan replaced the pin connector in our NES yesterday and now all our NES games work tons better (especially after he cleaned them all thoroughly today). So note to all you retro gamers (all, like, 3 of you maybe?), if your NES sucks at booting up games, buy a new pin connector (they're about $7 on Ebay) and replace it. It's super easy and works like a charm.

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