Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I was going to post a picture of me and my mom... and then I realized I don't have a picture of us together from anytime recently. So you get this one I snitched off of Facebook instead.

Mom at the shooting range.

Hooray for mothers who get outside the box now and then. :)

Some reasons I'm grateful for my mom:

1. She taught me how to make bread, pie crust, and many other delicious foodstuffs.

2. She taught me how to crochet.

By far my most ambitious crochet project. (The pen is included to give a sense of scale.) I made this in high school.

3. She taught me how to sew. (At least the basics. And my sister in law has continued my education.)

Though she tended to teach me the more practical applications rather than just making Companion Cube plushies.

At least computer cases are practical.

4. She taught me self restraint when shopping... and how to find good deals.

For example, these were under $10 at DSW on super clearance. 

5. She taught me how to live the gospel, and is constantly setting a good example for me.

I could go on. But that gives a good sampling of the wide range of ways she's influenced my life.

I cannot forget the great influences that my sister, sisters in law, and mother in law have had on my life as well. I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful women who uplift and strengthen me every day.

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  1. Hooray! My mom taught me how to bake bread and pie crust too! (I don't know how you learned all those other things and I didn't...) ;-)