Saturday, May 12, 2012

Recap of the Week

I am exhausted (typical Friday night), but there's time for a quick recap of the last few days before I fall over into bed.

1. We got quarter 1 bonuses this week! And they were pretty nice ones, too. I like it a lot when my paycheck is randomly bigger.

2. To celebrate getting bonuses, Nathan found a super cheap Sega Genesis for sale on KSL. So we bought it and now he's going crazy finding games for it (mostly with Goozex so he doesn't have to use real money, but a few off of Ebay too).

3. We went to a cousin's birthday party today and went swimming for the first time since last summer. It was fun, though that's partly why I'm so tired.

4. We found a media shelf at Walmart to put all our retro games on so they aren't piled everywhere! (They used to fit before on the available shelves, but our collection kind of... expanded a lot.) It looks pretty nice. I'll probably post a picture once all our Genesis games arrive. We also alphabetized them, put end labels on the few games that didn't have them, and updated our master list. I really like being organized. I also like putting together new furniture.

5. I made rice pudding and pizza this week. And I'm making that chicken and sweet potato stew again tomorrow. So no new recipes since the waffles and granola bars, but at least I've been making real food most days.

6. I watched Nathan play Super Mario World tonight. I am really awful at playing that game, but I enjoy watching someone play it... brings back fond memories of my childhood.

7. That's it.

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