Thursday, May 24, 2012

Retro Gaming Tournament

Here are the highlights of our retro gaming tournament:

- eating wings (of course) AND getting 3 free soft pretzels because of a super nice waitress (who we then cheered and clapped for every time she walked by after that)
- the many, many occasions when someone would have one hit left and then kick the trash out of their opponent for a come-from-behind win (and the subsequent racket that ensued)
- Chuck and I playing Dance Central 2 instead of getting creamed on retro fighting games...
- finding out the James is actually really good at Dance Central 2 despite never playing it before
- seeing all the old video games Nathan made in high school (that he hand drew, pixel by pixel!)

The final standings of the tournament were:
1st: Jordan
2nd: Nathan
tied for 3rd: Jason and Derek
5th: James

The prizes I spent so long slaving over were a set of 4 Mario mushrooms (which I forgot to take a picture of, but I'll insert a pic of the ones I made at Christmas that looked the same).

Originally we were going to give them as a set to the winner, but then we didn't want the losers to be sad. So...

Jordan won one of our bob-ombs (I had two - maybe if I make one to replace it, I'll make it pink so it will be like the one in Paper Mario, Bombette!) and the red Mario mushroom, and everyone else just got a mushroom (Jason got green, Derek got blue, and James got yellow with red spots). And all were satisfied, and now I've made 10 of those mushrooms and given away 9. I'll have to fix that eventually when the crochet bug strikes again.


  1. The prizes were so cute! And after Wild Wings my mouth felt like it was coated in spicy candy...

    I was SO thirsty while playing Dance Central, I couldn't figure out why my throat was so dry. And then a woke up with a cold. WIN. :)

  2. I like how I'm "the James." The entire night was awesome; thanks to you and Nathan for hosting it!