Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun Flash Games

My sister in law recently shared with me some flash games she discovered and enjoyed. Considering the fact that I played them so much last night I ran out of time to blog before bedtime, I think her recommendation was a good one. :)

The website she sent me included a bunch of flash games referred to as the "Grow" series. The general premise is that you have a set number of things you can build (usually anywhere between 5-12) and depending on the order you choose to build them, it affects the ones built previously. The idea is that you have to build them in a specific order to max out the levels for each item, and if you do, then you win. The creator has made about ten of them so far. (I've beaten five, though I fully intend to figure out the rest of them.)

They're fun for a couple of reasons. First, they're quick: you can run through one in 5 minutes (though some take considerably longer to actually beat), so you can try a combination even if you don't have much time. Second, they're a mixture of trial and error that rapidly morphs into logic puzzles. Third, sometimes there are multiple correct answers, meaning added replay value! :P

This is the one I started with: make the sick person all better! The links to the other "Grow" games are all on the left, so check them out once you beat that one.

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