Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today was my birthday. I turned 25.

I wonder how many times I'll be wrong when people ask me how old I am at work. (People often do, you know. They usually follow up with a comment about how I'm probably too young to have to worry about ______ (fill in with aging concern of your choice). (They're usually right.) I also wonder how much longer that will last... at least they believe me when I answer their questions!)

Anyway, it was a very nice birthday; much better than last year's when I was fasting for 24 hours to try and get rid of some nasty stomach bug. This year we celebrated by...
- going to work (woo)
- eating lots of yummy treats at work (including for lunch)
- going out to dinner (at our favorite cheap Greek restaurant)
- getting a surprise visit (and more treats) from upstairs
- opening presents
- playing Rayman: Origins.

My mom surprised me by mailing me a box of grapefruit, fresh off the tree, AND sending me two grapefruit spoons (the ones we used growing up, because I can't find anything near as good anymore - this delighted me tremendously). Nathan got me a new shower curtain (with pockets, just like the awesome one we got from my friend as a bridal shower gift that we still use but is kind of nasty now because I never cleaned it properly), a sampler of perfumes, and Dragon Quest VI (there goes another two weeks of my life XD). My mother in law sent me several gift cards as well as some really awesome earrings. My brother got me some round cake pans. I'm probably missing some stuff, but trust me, it was all very much appreciated!

And now, I think I should probably go to sleep... If I start now I might wake up before noon tomorrow. :P

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