Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hobbes is finally complete! And a TV show suggestion.

After 3 weeks of procrastinating, I finally finished Hobbes' tail. 

And now he will go to work to sit on Nathan's desk with Super Meat Boy and an Angry Bird.

As for the pattern, it is excellent practice if you need to work on your color changing skills when you crochet! You an still kind of tell where I switch in the picture if you know what to look for (the zig zaggy look at the end of the tail? that's from the color changes), but it's vastly improved from when I first started (I hid my first attempts with the white tummy patch).

We watched the first 3 episodes of QI (Season 9) while I did the tail. QI is a quiz show (sort of) that airs in Britain. It stands for "Quite Interesting", and the whole point of the show is to ask impossibly obscure questions about random, little-known facts (and also disabuse people of commonly held misconceptions). Stephen Fry is the host and then they get various British comedians to come on to the show each episode. It is hilarious and, at the same time, quite interesting (for example, did you know chips and other starchy, crunchy foods like that are more likely to contribute to cavities than sugary snacks? This is because the starch breaks down into sugar over time, but the chips stick in your teeth for longer and don't dissolve as readily as the sugar, which dissolves in your saliva pretty rapidly). In short, it is well worth watching, and it makes me wonder why the UK can put out such higher quality tv shows than the US.

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