Friday, January 27, 2012

This is why I shouldn't go shopping very often.

We went to the mall after work on Wednesday, and once again I found a decent deal in Aeropostale...

$10 for a new shirt. Not bad. Now, if only I could find such killer deals on steampunk-esque clothes... that would really expand my horizons!

In other news, I finished Dragon Haven today (review coming soon), and I made it through the work week! Nathan and I played some co-op Secret of Mana tonight too. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to sleeping in, finishing the residual dishes, and maybe even... *gasp* taking down the Christmas tree!

Also, I'm thinking about getting a Twitter account, despite having resisted the entire time it was super trendy. Thoughts?


  1. I like it! If you glue some gears on it it will be steampunk:

    Taking down the Christmas tree? Oh my!!

  2. I didn't take it down after all. Nathan protested vehemently. I'll have to wait until he's not home before I can get away with it. XD