Tuesday, January 3, 2012


One of my former roommates from college got me into making earrings, so when she visited yesterday we had a little earring making party (while her husband and mine looked on and discussed more manly things). 

I made two pairs before we moved on to playing Dance Central 2. I didn't get a picture of the pair my friend made, unfortunately, but they were kind of along the same lines as the blue pair I made, except purple, and possibly more dangly. I often have to be in the right mood to make good earrings; it takes a certain creative vision that I don't always have at my command.  It helps when I have a friend to bounce ideas off of (and trade beads and charms with) though.


  1. With Jeremy gone for two and a half months, I may invade your house more often for earring making/video game playing wonderfulness . . .

  2. You are absolutely welcome to come hang out whenever you need some company! It's exciting that he found that job, even if it does mean a lonely few months for both of you. The position sounds really fascinating.