Monday, January 2, 2012

Biscuits and... Pulled Pork?

Today seemed like the perfect day to make a crock pot meal, given that we had a day off. So I nipped off to the store and got us a 3 lb pork shoulder roast (aka Boston Butt roast) and a bottle of Dr. Pepper, and then I threw it in the crock pot for some delicious pulled pork

I neglected to start until about 2pm. The recipe is not exaggerating... it literally took 7 hours to get to shredding consistency. Maybe 7 and a half. Consequently, we ate dinner at 9 tonight... my fault for not planning ahead better, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I was too lazy to make hamburger buns (though if I had, I'd use this recipe, which is fantastic... in fact, I may make it tomorrow to aid in consuming all the leftovers) so I made biscuits instead. I had some buttermilk to use up anyway, and they are much faster than rolls. (For the record, these biscuits bake up better in my opinion when you separate them, not keep them together like the recipe calls for. This time I also put my cookie sheet right onto my pizza stone, which may have helped too, but that was mostly because I forgot to move my pizza stone before my oven reached 400 degrees.) 

The result looked more like biscuits and gravy than pulled pork sandwiches, but it was still delicious enough for seconds - which is good, because we have a LOT of leftovers! Three pounds of pork makes for many, many meals for two people... 

Flaky biscuits, complete with those yummy crunchy edges...

Plus lots of pulled pork...
Makes for a tasty dinner! 


  1. That is totally a meal I would make... And then eat for at least a week. :-)

  2. Still working on it... it's maybe half gone so far. :) We have rolls to eat with it now though!