Sunday, January 29, 2012

Number Eight

Nathan finished the first draft of his eighth novel today! This is cause for much rejoicing, because now I finally know how it ends! XD Plus his goal was Tuesday originally (end of January), so that means he was early too. It's always neat to see how a story comes together during the creative process. Much of Nathan's brainstorming happens when we go on walks (less frequently in the winter, due to the weather, but usually we get a few in each week), and he talks through what he wants to happen while I listen and occasionally have a comment or feedback that influences the direction of the story. Maybe it's egocentric of me, but I like being able to look back and see where I made a difference. I also like watching everything come together with startling cohesiveness, even when some of the connections were not intentional. (This happened most of all with an epic fantasy that he wrote last year, but there's always a few in each book.)

Anyway, I'm still trying to think of something fun to do to celebrate, so if anyone has any good ideas, feel free to put forth your suggestions in the comments!

Oh, and I did end up joining Twitter after all... my username is @WombatWife - feel free to add me if you so desire. I have yet to determine how much I'll use it for besides lurking (I'm oh so good at that already!) but you never know, I might start thinking of witty things to say now and then.

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  1. Exciting! I didn't know he wrote! I have a friend who used to (and occasionally still will) bounce script and other creative ideas off me, and it was very fun, and very fascinating.