Thursday, January 5, 2012

Epic Plushie Collection Revealed!

Our updated plushie family...
From left to right, more or less:
Back row: Bob-omb, Peashooter, Turret, Bob-omb II, Hobbes, White Mage Chocobo, The Maw, Sunflower, Super Meatboy, Companion Cube.
Front row: Pichu, Angry Bird (black), Super Mario Invincibility Star, Angry Bird (red), Mario Mushroom, Turtwig, Little Monster, Yoshi, Angry Bird (yellow), Pokeball, Angry Bird (blue), Yoshi Egg, Slime, Link, Leafeon.

Can you guess the source material for each one? Most of them shouldn't be too tricky...

Here's another arrangement... they spread out to take over the whole love seat!

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