Thursday, January 5, 2012

Epic Collection Teaser

Nathan's final Christmas present came today! It shipped from China or somewhere around there, so it was a wee bit late... but that's okay, it just stretches out all the fun. Plus our Christmas tree is still up, and the next door neighbors still have their Christmas lawn ornaments up that play tinkling little Christmas songs all night long. Why yes, it does seep through our window on quiet evenings... and also at 3am. (Strangely, I never noticed it as I was falling asleep until after Christmas.)

Anyway, we have a tradition every year of buying plush video game related toys from Asia and then surprising each other with what cool stuff we found on Ebay. This year's offerings were young Link for me and Pichu (from Pokemon/Smash Brothers) for Nathan. We brought all our other plushies home from work where they normally decorate our desk, so expect epic pictures tomorrow of all the awesomeness finally gathered in one spot! (Consider it an updated family photo...)

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