Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Review: Illusions

Why, yes, I did go to the library last week. And got a huge stack of books. And have been burning through them like crazy. This time it's Aprilynne Pike's Illusions, the third book in her series (the first two being Wings and Spells).

To get you up to speed on the series as a whole, it's about a girl who discovers she is a *SPOILER BUT THERE'S NO AVOIDING IT* fairy when she "blooms" for the first time (grows a giant flower on her back), and then proceeds to discover that she is crucial for the entire fairy world's survival, which is at risk to be invaded by the bad guys (aka trolls). In this latest installment, though, the trolls take a backseat to the love triangle that we saw developing throughout the first two books. I admit I was a little frustrated with the high percentage of screen time that was focused on the further development of this love triangle, but then, that's not why I'm reading the books. If you like a good love triangle, this is the book for you. I mean, series for you. (I'd like to note that I understand why the love triangle takes center stage, and there is a reason and that does make it more acceptable, but that doesn't mean it's my favorite.)

I will say that Pike does a much better job than most at making her characters believable and (for the most part) sympathetic as well, which I find impressive even though I didn't care as much for the drama. The characters in combination with the mystery set up by the plot is what really kept me reading. I really enjoyed learning more about the world too - despite the fact that my summary makes it sound cliche and boring, in reality Pike does an excellent job at making her world unique and fresh while still drawing from common fairy mythology.

Overall, it was a fun fast read, but I really hope the next one (which happens to come out in about a week) focuses more on advancing the overall plot, resolving that massive cliffhanger ending plot twist, and digging more into the world, and less on jealous boys. (I'm fine with a little jealousy. I just don't want it to be the main focus of the book.)

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