Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Surprises

Things I accomplished today:
- went to work
- cleaned out the fridge (finally)
- took out (with much of Nathan's help) the massive pile of trash and recycling threatening to overtake the corner of my kitchen
- filled and ran the dishwasher
- did all the hand dishes (But not all the nasty tupperware from cleaning out the fridge. That will wait for the next dishwasher load.)
- made biscuits (again) (and they may have been dinner... again)
- went for a walk
- read outside

Sometimes I need little lists like that to remind me that I did, in fact, not fail today.

We also got a lovely Easter package in the mail today from my mother in law!

Oreos, yellow and chocolate candy melts, balloon animal kit, Cadbury eggs (plus two we ate already), and a mold to make Oreos+candy melts into Easter treats!

We will probably attempt to make the Easter treats later this week when I feel adventurous. I'm also interested to try making my own cookies that would fit in the mold, but we'll see how successful I am at that... or maybe I could do a caramel filling instead. Experimentation, here I come!

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